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Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2015

Brown Eyed Soul

Sung Hun
Young Jun
Jung Yup

Soul Free [Album] (2003.09.17)
1. 북천이 맑다커늘 (Intro)
2.  Brown Eyed Girl
3. My Everything
4. 정말 사랑했을까
5.  해주길
6. 2003.7.14 Am 2.43
7. 바보
8. Candy
9. Blue Day
10. Interlude
11. 술 [C2H5OH]
12. Go 
13. 시계
 14. City Life
15. Brown City
16. 아름다운 날들
17. Outro

The Wind, the Sea, the Rain [Album] (2007.10.31)
1.  Intro (The Wind)
2. Baramingayo
3. My Story
4. Kkum
5. Oraedorok Gomapdarok
6.  Interlude (The Rain)
7. Anything (Through The Rain)
8. Chu-eok Sarangmankeum (Feat. 강현정 Of Bubble Sisters)
9. Sweet Thing (Feat. Dynamic Duo & Epik High)
10. Because Of You
11.  Life & Love Are The Same
12. Round & Round
13. Promise You
14. Nothing Better
15. Interlude (The Sea)
16. Geudaewa Duri
17. Kidaryeoyo
18. Geureonsaramigireul
19. Pokpungsokui Jo (The Lord In The Storm)

Bikyeojulkke / Blowing My Mind [Single] (2010.03.25)
1. 비켜줄게
2. Blowin My Mind

Love Ballad / Never Forget [Single] (2010.05.11)
1. Love Ballad
2. Never Forget
3. Love Ballad (Acappella Version)

Can't Stop Lovin' You [Single] (2010.07.06)
1. Can`t Stop Lovin` You
2. Can`t Stop Lovin` You (Feat. 슈프림팀) (Philtre Mix)
3. Can`t Stop Lovin` You (Planet Shiver Mix)

Geudae [Digital Single] (2010.09.08)
1. 그대 (Original Ver.)
2. 그대 (CF Ver.) (Feat. 한효주)

Thank You Soul [Single] (2012.12.19)
1. You Are So Beautiful
2. 너를
3. Philly Love Song
4. Philly Love Song (Kei G Travus Regrooved Mix)

Thank Your Soul – SIDE A [Mini Album] (2014.02.14)
1. BES Theme
2. Philly Love Song
3. Pass By Me
4. 너를
5. You Are So Beautiful
6. Always Be There
7. Philly Love Song (Kei G Travus Regrooved Mix)

Young Jun
브라운 아이드 소울 싱글 프로젝트 2nd. 니 생각뿐 By 영준 [Single] (2015.03.27)
1. 니 생각뿐 (Feat. 개리)
2. 니 생각뿐 (Feat. 개리) (Inst.)

 Come With Me Girl (Brown Eyed Soul Single Project 4th) [Mini Album] (2015.05.04)
1. 같은 시간 속의 너 – 나얼(Na-Ul)
2. 니 생각뿐 (feat. 개리) – 영준 [Brown Eyed Soul]
3. 널 사랑해 – 성훈 [Brown Eyed Soul]
4. Come With Me Girl – 정엽
5. 같은 시간 속의 너 (inst.) – 나얼(Na-Ul)
6. 니 생각뿐 (inst.) – 영준 [Brown Eyed Soul]
7. 널 사랑해 (inst.) – 성훈 [Brown Eyed Soul]
8. Come With Me Girl (inst.) – 정엽

VOL. 4 SOUL COOKE [Album] (2015.12.08)
2. 밤의 멜로디
3. 사랑의 말 (HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU)
4. 너를
5. TENDER Eyes (Feat. 타블로)
6. BES Theme
8. Pass Me By
9. HOME *Title
10. You Are So Beautiful
11. 어떻게 너를 사랑하지 않을 수가 있겠어
12. 그만.그만 (With 유성은)
13. Philly Love Song
16. Always Be There