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Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Fin K.L

Paused - 1998

Vocal: Lee Hyori
Vocal: Ock Ju-Hyun
Vocal: Lee Jin
Vocal: Sung Yu-Ri

Vol.1 Fine Killing Liberty [Album] (1998.05.26)
1. Blue Rain
2. Sarang Hae Hyanggi
3. Shadow
4. Rubi
5. Nakseo
6. Nae Namjah Chingu Ae Gae
7. Yoo Hohk
8. Eungtu
9. Haeng Bohk Han Yah Sohk
10. Ka
11. Blue Day

Vol.2 White [Album] (1999.05.18)
1. Young Won Hae Sarang
2. Waiting For You
3. The Beginning
4. Seorabsokui tongwa
5. Oh! Boy
6. I'm Right Now
7. Keuraeseo Urin
8. Ja Jon Shim
9. Still in Love
10. Kiss Me? Alright!
11. Yuri
12. Nah Eu Gido

Vol. 2.5 Special [Album] (1999.12.01)
1. Naui wangjanimkke (TO MY PRINCE)
2. Gah Myun Ae Shee Gahn
3. White
4. Blind Love
5. Gido
6. Roju (Rose)
7. Sumgyeojin geurimja
8. Aju jamsiman
9. Joong Dok
10. Tonight
11. Nuh Eui Gi Uhk
12. Maybe
13. Indian In Hyung Ghuh Rum

Vol.3 Now [Album] (2000.10.06)
1. NOW
5. Uddeon gidarim
7. Yeonaeui gicho
8. Chuskiseu
10. Namanui Pimil (ILOVESCHOOL)
11. STING...
12. Nal gieokhaejwayo

History [Album] (2000.01.20)
Double CD ~ Sorry for not writing the Tracklist .. The Reason why, is that the Blog who i found it has disable the function for copying .. 

Vol. 3.5 Memories & Melodies [Album] (2001.04.17)
1. Nuh Eu Dwee Ae Suh
2. Neul Jee Geum Chuh Rum
3. Dahng Shin Eun Moh Roo Shil Kuh Yah
4. Noon Dohng Jah
5. Jeel Too
6. Nuheu Maheumul Naegaejoon Dahmyun
7. Hahnbuhnmahn Duh
8. Uhdduhk Geuleeoom
9. Shegahn Sohkeu Hyanggee
10. Boine
11. Sarangeun Yuri Gaheun Guhs
12. Geudaeneun Eenhyungchuhruhm Oosgoh Eesjeemahn...

Vol.4 Forever [Album] (2002.03.08)
1. Good Bye
2. 영원
3. Change
4. 나와 같다면
5. Never
6. Happy
7. Fortune (For 春)
8. You`Re My Boy
9. Bell
10. So For Your Love
11. 그대안의 나
12. 세상에서 가장 슬픈 일
13. Don't go away
14. 외면
15. One More Time

Forever Fin K.L [Single] (2005.10.26)
1. Fin.K.L
2. Butterfly
3. Crazy about you