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Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016



Let´s Fly [Mini Album] (21.04.2011)
01 - O.K
02 - Remember
03 - 못된 것만 배워서 (Only Learnt The Bad Things)
04 - Bling Girl
05 - Only One
06 - O.K (Instrumental)

It B1A4 [Mini Album] (16.09.2011)
01 - Beautiful Target
02 - My Love
03 - 쮸쮸쮸(Chu Chu Chu)
04 - Wonderful Tonight
05 - Fooool
06 - Beautiful Target(Instrumental)

This Time Is Over [Digital Single] (2012.03.05)
1. This Time Is Over

The B1A4 I [IGNITION] [Album] (14.03.2012)
01 - Baby I'm Sorry
02 - This Time Is Over
03 - So Fine
04 - Super Sonic
05 - Baro ft. Min (miss A) - 둘만 있으면 (Just Two Of Us)
06 - 웃어봐 (Smile)
07 - Feeling
08 - Sanduel - 짝사랑 (One Sided Love))
09 - You Are My Girl
10 - Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
11 - Baby I'm Sorry (Instrumental)

The B1A4 I [IGNITION] Special Edition [Album] (24.05.2012)
1. Jaljayo Good Night (잘자요 굿나잇; Sleep Tight Good Night)
2. Neo Ttaemune (너 때문에; Because Of You)
3. Baby I'm Sorry
4. This Time is Over
5. So Fine
6. Super Sonic
7. Dulman Isseumyeon (feat. Min) (둘만 있으면) (Baro solo)
8. Useobwa (웃어봐)
9. Feeling
10. Jjaksarang (짝사랑) (Sandeul solo)
11. You Are My Girl
12. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
13. Jaljayo Good Night (Inst.) (잘자요 굿나잇)
14. Neo Ttaemune (Inst.) (너 때문에)
15. Baby I'm Sorry (Inst.)

Beautiful Target (JV) [Single] (27.06.2012)
01 - Beautiful Target (Japanese Ver.)
02 - Chu Chu Chu (Japanese Ver.)
03 - Ready To Go
04 - Beautiful Target (Instrumental)
05 - Chu Chu Chu (Instrumental)
06 - Ready To Go (Instrumental)

Oyasumi Good Night (Japan Release) [Single] (29.08.2012)

1. Oyasumi Goodnight -Japanese ver.-
2. BABY I’M SORRY -Japanese ver.-
3. New song
4. Oyasumi Goodnight -Japanese ver.- (instrumental)
5. BABY I’M SORRY -Japanese ver.- (instrumental)
6. New song (instrumental)

1 [JP Album] (2012.10.24)
1. Beautiful Lie
2. Oyasumi good night (おやすみ)
3. Empty Mind
4. Warui Koto Bakari Manande (悪いことばかり学んで)
5. Tipping point
6. Wake me up
7. Only One (Japanese Ver.)
8. Beautiful Target (Japanese Ver.)
9. one love
10. O.K (Japanese Ver.)

In the Wind [Mini Album] (12.11.2012)

1. Intro - In The Wind
2. Georeo Bonda
3. If... (Neoman Isseumyeon)
4. Nappeun Jit An Halgeyo
5. Mwo Haellaeyo
6. Be My Girl
7. In The Air
8. Georeo Bonda (Inst.)

Ige Museun Iriya [Mini Album] (2013.05.07)
1. Byeolbich-ui Norae (별빛의 노래; Starlight's Song)
2. Ige Museun Iriya (이게 무슨 일이야)
5. Myeoch Beoneul (몇 번을; How Many Times)

Ige Museun Iriya ~Nande? Doshite? [JP Single] (2013.08.28)
1 イゲ ムスン イリヤ ~なんでどうして
2 IN THE AIR -Japanese ver.-
3 Beautiful Target -like it MIX-
3 IF...君さえいれば -Japanese ver.-
4 イゲ ムスン イリヤ ~なんでどうして(instrumental)
5 IN THE AIR -Japanese ver.-(instrumental)
6 Beautiful Target -like it MIX-(instrumental)
6 IF...君さえいれば -Japanese ver.-(instrumental)

Who Am I [Album] (2014.01.13)
1. INTRO - Prologue
2. Lonely (Eobsguna) (없구나)
3. Sarang Geuttaen feat. Harim (사랑 그땐)
4. Amazing
7. Beogcha (Sandeul+Gongchan)
8. Yeppeo (예뻐)
10. Eumage Chwihae (CNU solo) (음악에 취해)
11. Gil (길)

2 [JP Album] (2014.03.19)
1. Believe in Love
2. Hoshikage no Uta -Japanese ver.- (星影のうた; Starlight's Song)
3. Angel Eyes
4. HEY!
5. Aruite Miru -Japanese ver.- (歩いてみる; Tried to Walk)
6. Yesterday -Japanese ver.-
7. Ige Museun Iriya ~Nande? Doshite? (イゲ ムスン イリヤ 〜なんで?どうして?; What's Going On? ~Why? What For?)
8. YOU ARE MY GIRL -Japanese ver.-

Solo Day [Mini Album] (2014.07.14)
1. Solo Day
2. Naega Mwogadwae (내가 뭐가돼 ; What Do I Become?)
3. Jal Dwaega (잘 돼가; It's Going Well)
4. Mul Hanjan (물 한잔; A Cup of Water)
5. Drive
6. You (Feat. Sun Mi)

SOLO DAY [JP Single] (Regular Ed.) (2014.09.10)
1. SOLO DAY -Japanese ver.-
2. Yeppeo -Japanese ver.- (イェッポ)
3. OH MY GOD -Japanese ver.-
5. SOLO DAY -Japanese ver.- (Instrumental)
6. Yeppeo -Japanese ver.- (Instrumental) (イェッポ)
7. OH MY GOD -Japanese ver.- (Instrumental)
8. TELL ME WHY (Instrumental)

Shiroi Kiseki [JP Single] (Regular Ed.) (2015.01.21)
1. Shiroi Kiseki (白いキセキ)
2. WHO AM I -Japanese ver.-
3. Mul Hanjan (ムルハンジャン; A Cup of Water)
4. Shiroi Kiseki (instrumental)
5. WHO AM I -Japanese ver.- (instrumental)
6. Mul Hanjan (instrumental)

Sweet Girl [Mini Album] (2015.08.10)
1. Sweet Girl
2. You Are a Girl I Am a Boy
3. 10 Nyeon Hu (10년 후; Ten Years Later)
4. Wait
5. Love is Magic

HAPPY DAYS [JP Single] (Regular Ed.) (2015.11.18)
2. Drive -Japanese ver.-
3. Colorful
4. HAPPY DAYS (instrumental)
5. Drive -Japanese ver.- (instrumental)
6. Colorful (instrumental)

It's Christmas [Digital Single] (2015.12.10)
1. 크리스마스잖아요