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Donnerstag, 25. Mai 2017


Victoria (Leader, Vocals, Main Dancer)
Amber (Main Rapper, Sub Vocals)
Luna (Main Vocals, Lead Dancer)
Krystal (Lead Vocals, Visual, Maknae)

Ex/Former Member
Sulli (Vocals, Lead Rapper, Visual)

LA chA TA [Digital Single] (2009.08.31)
1. LA chA TA (라차타)

Chocolate Love [Digital Single] (2009.10.08)
1. Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop Ver.)

Chu~♡ [Digital Single] (2009.11.04)
1. Chu~♡

Chu~♡ [Single] (2009.11.09)
1. Chu~♡
2. Step by me
3. You are my destiny f(Luna+Krystal)

Thrill Love [Digital Single] (2010.03.17)
1. Thrill Love

NU ABO [Mini Album] (2010.05.03)
1. NU ABO (NU 예삐오)
2. Mr. Boogie
3. Ice Cream (아이스크림)
4. ME+U
5. Surprise Party
6. Sorry (Dear. Daddy)

PINOCCHIO [Album] (2011.04.20)
1. Pinocchio (Danger) (피노키오)
2. Binggeureu (Sweet Witches) (빙그르; Round and Round)
3. Dangerous
4. Beautiful Goodbye
5. Gangsta Boy
6. Ai (Love) (아이; Child)
7. Stand up!
8. My Style
9. So into U
10. Lollipop (feat. SHINee)

Hot Summer (Repackage) [Album] (2011.06.14)
2. Pinocchio (Danger) (피노키오)
3. Binggeureu (Sweet Witches) (빙그르; Round and Round)
4. Johahaedo Doenayo (...Is It OK?) (좋아해도 되나요; Can I Love You)
5. Dangerous
6. Beautiful Goodbye
7. Gangsta Boy
8. Ai (Love) (아이; Child)
9. Stand up!
10. My Style
11. So into U
12. Lollipop (feat. SHINee)
13. LA chA TA (라차타)
14. Chu~♡ (츄~♡)

Puzzle Bubble Online OST "Garagabana" [Digital Single] (2010.08.16)
1. Garagabana (깔라까바나 (퍼즐버블온라인))

Electric Shock [Mini Album] (2012.06.10)
1. Electric Shock (일렉트릭 쇼크)
2. Jet Byeol (Jet) (제트별; Jet Star)
3. Zig Zag (지그재그)
4. Beautiful Stranger (By Amber, Luna, Krystal)
5. Love Hate
6. Huljjeok (Let's Try) (훌쩍; Whimper)

Hot Summer [JP Single] (2012.09.12)
1. Hot Summer

Pink Tape [Album] (2013.07.29)
1. Cheot Sarangni (Rum Pum Pum Pum) (첫 사랑니; First Wisdom Tooth)
2. Mihaeng (Geurimja) (미행 (그림자); Shadowing (Shadow))
3. Pretty Girl
4. Kick
5. Signal (시그널)
6. Step
7. Goodbye Summer (Amber, Luna, Krystal) (feat. D.O. of EXO-K))
8. Airplane
9. Toy
10. Yeou Gateun Nae Chingu (No More) (여우 같은 내 친구 (No More); My Fox-like Friend)
11. Snapshot
12. Ending Page

 Tales Weaver Episode 3 OST [Digital Single] (2013.08.01)
1. U + Me
2. U+ Me (Inst.)

Red Light [Album] (2014.07.07)
1. Red Light
2. Milk
3. Nabi (나비; Butterfly)
4. Mujigae (무지개; Rainbow)
5. All Night
6. Vacance (바캉스)
7. Baeteonae (뱉어내; Spit It Out)
8. Boom Bang Boom
9. Dracula
10. Summer Lover
11. Jongi Shimjang (종이 심장; Paper Heart)

Beautiful [Mini Album] (2015.02.16)
1. Beautiful
2. SHAKE THAT BRASS (Feat. Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)
3. Love Run
4. Heights
5. I Just Wanna (Feat. Eric Nam)

4 Walls [Album] (2015.10.27)
1. 4 Walls
2. Glitter
3. Deja Vu
4. X
5. Rude Love
6. Diamond
7. Traveler (feat. ZICO)
8. Papi
9. Cash Me Out
10. When I'm Alone

Winter Garden 1 [Digital Single] (2015.12.15)
1. 12시 25분 (Wish List)

Boders [Digital Single] (2016.03.25)
1. Borders
2. Borders (Inst.)

Need To Feel Needed [Digital Single] (2016.05.25)
1. Need To Feel Needed

Free Somebody [Mini Album] (2016.05.31)
1. Free Somebody
2. Breathe
3. Keep On Doin'
4. Yeppeun Sonyeo (I Wish) (예쁜 소녀; Pretty Girl)
5. Galaxy
6. My Medicine

All Mine [Digital Single] (2016.07.22)
1. All Mine
2. All Mine (Inst.)

4 Walls / COWBOY [JP Single] (2016.11.02)
1. 4 Walls
3. 4 Walls (inst)
4. COWBOY (inst)

LUNA , Hani (EXID) & SOLAR (Mamamoo)
HONEY BEE [Digital Single] (2017.01.19)