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Sonntag, 6. März 2016


Hyun Joong
Young Saeng
Kyu Jong
Jung Min
Hyung Joon

SS501 [Single] (2005.06.05)
1. Gyeonggo (경고; Warning)
2. Passion
3. Never Again
4. Take U High
5. Everything
6. Everything (instrumental)

Snow Prince [Single] (2005.12.05)
1. Hayan Saram (하얀 사람; White People)
2. My Girl
3. Snow Prince
4. In Your Smile
5. Fighter

S.T 01 NOW [Album] (2006.11.10)
1. Existence
2. Four Chance
3. Unlock
4. Again
5. Stand By Me
6. Sky
7. Geopjjaengi (겁쟁이; Coward)
8. Man
9. Hana
10. Confession (Seotungobaek) (Confession (서툰고백; Clumsy Proposal))
11. Bye, Bye
12. Radio Star
13. Sesangui Nalkkae (세상의 날개; Wings of the World)
14. Gyeonggo (Remix Version) (경고; Warning)
15. Unlock (Heavy Edition) (feat. Kim Se Hwang (김세황))

Kokoro [JP Single] (2007.08.01)
1. Kokoro
3. Alice
4. Kokoro (Instrumental)
5. BE A STAR (Instrumental)
6. Alice (Instrumental)

Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori [JP Single] (2007.09.19)
1. Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori (君とのキョリ)
2. Gleaming Star
3. Wonderful World
4. Yowamushi ~ Okubyou na Boku (弱虫~臆病な僕)
5. Distance ~ Kimi to no Kyori (Instrumental)
6. Gleaming Star (Instrumental)

Deja Vu [Single] (2008.03.13)
1. Deja Vu (데자뷰)
2. Neol Bureuneun Norae (널 부르는 노래; Song Calling Your Name)
3. Destiny

LUCKY DAYS [JP Single] (2008.06.18)
2. Summer Blue
3. Hoshizora (ホシゾラ; Starry Sky)
4. Kimi wo Utau Uta (君を歌う歌; Song I Sing For You)
5. LUCKY DAYS (Instrumental)
6. Summer Blue (Instrumental)

Neon Naui Cheonguk [Digital Single] (2008.06.27)
1. Neon Naui Cheonguk (넌 나의 천국)
2. Neon Naui Cheonguk (Inst.) (넌 나의 천국)

Find [Mini Album] (2008.07.24)
1. Neowa Sumswida (너와 숨쉬다; You Breathe)
2. Neon Naui Cheonguk (넌 나의 천국; You're My Heaven)
3. Find
4. Gomaptta (고맙다; Thank You)
5. Neon Naui Cheonguk (Inst.) (넌 나의 천국; You're My Heaven)
6. Find (Inst.)
7. SaranghaeX5 (사랑해X5; I Love You X 5)
8. Gomaptta (Acoustic Ver.) (고맙다; Thank You)

U R Man [Mini Album] (2008.11.21)
2. U R Man
3. The ONE
4. Sarangingeojyo (사랑인거죠; It Is Not Love)
5. Never Let You Go
6. I AM

Neol Bureuneun Norae (Remix) [Digital Single] (2008.05.07)
1. Neol Bureuneun Norae (Remix) (널 부르는 노래)
2. Neol Bureuneun Norae (Inst.) (널 부르는 노래

All My Love [JP Album] (2009.05.13)
1. Message (メッセージ)
2. Mermaid...
5. Get along
6. Promise to Promise
7. Believe in Love
8. Let's Break Away
9. Time of Destiny
11. Asai Yume No Hate (浅い夢の果て; End of a Shallow Dream)
12. Traveler Glider (トラベラーグライダー)
13.All My Love

We Can Fly [Digital Single] (2008.06.10)
1. We Can Fly

SS501 Collection [Mini Album] (2009.07.21)
1. Jebal Jjalhaejjwo (제발 잘해줘; Please, Be Nice to Me) (Hyun Joong Solo)
2. Ireumeomneun Gieok (이름없는 기억; Nameless Memory) ((Young Saeng Solo)
3. Wuss Up (feat. Taewan a.k.a C-Luv & Star Trak) (Kyu Jong Solo)
4. Hamyeoneun Andwae (feat. Jisun) (하면은 안돼; If You Cannot) (Jung Min Solo)
5. Hey G (feat. Mellow) (Hyung Joon Solo)
6. Bigeopaji Ankesseo (비겁하지 않겠어; I Won't Be A Coward)

Rebirth [Mini Album] (2009.10.20)
1. Wasteland
2. Love Like This (Negero) (네게로)
3. Haruman (하루만; Only One Day)
4. Obsess (Jungdok...) (중독...)
5. Wan.Du.Kong. (완.두.콩.; Green Peas)

Destination [Mini Album] (2010.05.24)
1. Let Me Be The One (Geuge Narago) (그게 나라고...; That Person Is Me...)
2. Love Ya
3. Crazy 4 U
4. Yeongwontorok (영원토록; Forever)
5. Let Me Be The One (Geuge Narago) (Acoustic Ver.) (그게 나라고...; That Person Is Me...)
6. Love Ya (Inst.)