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Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

Park Jin Young / JY. Park / JYP

8. Tracks

Vol.2 Dandala [Album] (1995.09.00)
11 Tracks

Vol.3 썸머징글벨 [Album] (1996.06.00)
10 Tracks

It's The Time [Album] (1996.07.00)
1. Baby Come To Me
2. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
3. Forever With You
4. When We Were There
5. Say 1,2,3
6. Just The Two Of Us
7. It`s Friday Night
8. You Belong To Me
9. Show Me How (To Say Good-Bye)
10. Don`t Leave Me Now

Vol.4 십년이 지나도… [Album] (1998.01.00)
10 Tracks

Vol.6 Game [Album] (2001.06.07)
1. Swing Baby
2. 방문에서 침대까지 / Visit To The Bed
3. 난 여자가 있는데 / I Have a Girlfriend
4. 음음음 / UmUmUm
5. 너의 손끝 / Your Fingertips
6. 창살없는 감옥 / Prison Without Bars
7. 마지막 밤 / Last Night
8. 처음 만난 남자와 / First Met Her
9. 놀이 / Swing Baby
10. 해 달 별 / Months By Year
11. 밀애 / Talk To Me
12. 데자부 / Deja Vu

1. 날 떠나지마 / Don't leave me
2. 너의 뒤에서 / Behind your back
3. 사랑일년 / One year love
4. 청혼가 / Proposal Song 
5. 엘리베이터 / Elevator
6. 영원히 둘이서 / Two of us forever
7. 썸머 징글벨 / Summer Jingle Bell
8. 그녀는 예뻤다 / She was pretty
9. 난 / Me
10. Honey
11. 십년이 지나도 / Even After 10 Years
12. 사랑하기 때문에 / Because I love you
13. 왜 왜 / Why Why
14. Kiss Me
15. 회상 / Recall
16. 떠나서 / Apart

Vol.7 Back To Stage [Album] (2007.11.16)
1. Kiss 
2. 니가 사는 그집 
3. 니여자 
4. Delicious(니 입술이) 
5. Single (Feat. Bobby Kim) 
6. 딴따라 블루스 
7. 사실은 
8. 나 돌아가 
9. 이런 여자가 좋아 (Feat. Dynamic Duo, 전제덕) 
10. 위험한 장난 
11. 엇갈렸어(Feat. t 윤미래) 
12. 대낮에 한 이별 (Feat.선예(Wonder Girls)) 

Sad Freedom [Mini Album] (2009.12.01)
1. Sad Freedom
2. No Love No More
3. Rewind
4. Come Over
5. No Love No More (R&B Mix)

Spring 5 Songs For A New Love [Mini Album] (2012.04.29)
1. Feel so good
2. 다른 사람 품에 안겨서 (Someone else) Duet with 가인(Gain)
3. 너뿐이야 (You’re the one) [IMG]
4. 마지막 사랑 (Last love)
5. Please

Halftime [Mini Album] (2013.09.09)
1. Halftime
2. 사랑이 제일 낫더라(with 남궁송옥, 개코 of Dynamic Duo)
3. 놀만큼 놀아봤어 (Had enough parties)
4. 그녀는 몰라요
5. 뒹굴뒹굴
6. 너뿐이야 (Happy Ending ver.)

24/34 [Single] (2015.04.12)
1. 어머님이 누구니 (Feat. Jessi of Lucky J)
2. 방문을 닫으면

J.Y Park & Lee Jin Ah
Sing the Road [Single] (2015.09.01)
1. 공항 가는 길 (Sing The Road #01)

J.Y Park & Jung Seung Hwan
Sing the Road [Single] (2015.09.08)
1. 잠수교 (Sing the Road #02)

J.Y Park / Bernard Park & Park Jimin from 15&
Sing The Road [Single] (2015.09.22)
1. 부산에 가면 (Sing The Road #03)

All I Need [Single] (2015.09.24)
1. 너만 있으면 돼 (Feat. P-TYPE)

Still Alive [Single] (2016.04.10)
1. 살아있네
2. Fire (Feat. Conan O`Brien, Steven Yeun, 박지민)