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Montag, 11. Januar 2016

J Rabbit

Jung Hye Sun (Vocals)
Jung Da Woon (Instruments)

It's Spring [Album] (2011.03.03)
1. Yojeum Neo Malya (Album Edit) (요즘 너 말야 ; Nowadays You Are)
2. Love is So Amazing
3. aMorejo
4. Himdeungayo (Morning Mix) (힘든가요 ; R U Tired?)
5. Falling in Love
6. Naeireul Mutneunda (Album Edit) (내일을 묻는다 ; Asking Tomorrow)
7. My Favorite Things
8. Part of Your World
9. Thank You for the Music
10. Yojeum Neo Malya (Piano ver.) (요즘 너 말야 ; Nowadays You Are)

Looking Around [Album] (2012.04.25)
1. Where Is Love? (Intro)
2. Looking Around
3. Algoisseulkka? (알고있을까? ; Would You Know?)
4. Jamisolsol (잠이솔솔 ; Sleep Is Gently Coming)
5. If You Love Me (Acoustic Ver.)
6. Happy Things
7. Useumyeo Neomgillae (웃으며 넘길래 ; Frozen Smile)
8. Woori Haettmeon Iyagi (우리 했던 이야기 ; The Story Of Us)
9. Geurae Saerobgye (그래 새롭게 ; The New Me)
10. Harureul Shijakhaneun Bangbeop (하루를 시작하는 방법 ; How To Start A Day)
11. God Is Right
12. Jibeuro Ganeungil (Inst.) (집으로 가는길 ; The Way Home)

Merry Christmas From J Rabbit (X-Mas Cover Album) [Digital Album] (2012.11.30)
1. The Season Of Christmas 
2. Oh Holy Night 
3. White Christmas & Rockin` Around The Christmas Tree 
4. Winter Wonderland 
5. Sleigh Ride 
6. All You Need Is Love 
7. This Christmas 
8. Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow 
9. I’ll Be Home For Christmas 
10. We Need A Little Christmas 
11. The Father’s Song

Vol.3 Stop & Go [Album] (2014.06.20)
1. 좋은일이 있을거야
2. We’re In Love (2014 Recording)
3. 낭만여행
4. Good Night
5. Round & Round
6. 내 모습 이대로
7. Let’s Fall In Love
8. 나 그대의 사랑이 되리 (선잠)
9. I Promise, I Do (With 반광옥)
10. 쉬어 (Stop & Go)
11. In This Time

 좋은 느낌 [Digital Single] (2014.11.11)
1. 좋은 느낌